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In Phase One, we will build the main sanctuary, as well as our other core operating areas, according to cutting-edge architectural designs, and featuring state of the art facilities throughout the entire structure. The building is designed to reflect the emblematic silhouette of a cross both inside and outside, an allusion to the spiritual foundation of the project.

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The building will open into a vast lobby area, designed to feature an engineered stone veneer accent as well as full-view tempered glass enclosures, allowing light to flood the entire building and keeping the atmosphere very open and welcoming. The lobby will have the capacity to seat members, and visitors as well as  to accommodate small group meetings. 


The sanctuary will feature a spacious engineered wood altar able to host the Miracle Center worship steam, guest speakers, dance performances, Q&A panels, and of course the release of preachings and teachings from our senior pastors. It will be a space consecrated and set apart for the ushering of the miraculous in Miracle Center.

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Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose space will be used to hold forums, conferences, banquets, galas, receptions, and more! This space can be quickly and efficiently transformed according to the needs of each unique event making it the perfect versatile space for upcoming functions. 

Sunday School Rooms

The Sunday School rooms will feature spacious, age-appropriate designs to accommodate children of all ages during various events, and regularly on Sunday mornings. These rooms will allow our ministry teachers to foster the spiritual growth of the next generation in spaces that are both fun and exciting to their students. 

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Media & Recording Studio 

The media and recording studio will provide a space for our Miracle Center creatives to express themselves and capture their creativity through the production and recording of music, podcasts, videos, and much more. From our first recording studio will come content that will be used to impact a generation for Christ.

Conference and Lecture Halls

The conference and lecture halls will feature sleek, modern designs to foster calm, focused environments in which lectures and conferences can be held and ultimately facilitate the brainstorming and creation of futuristic innovations for the Kingdom.

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The Miracle Center sanctuary will be one built “...for beauty and for glory…”. Designed to comfortably accommodate between one and two thousand guests at any given time, it will be a space where we host the coming East Coast Revival for which we are expecting many from all across the country to pour in in their numbers. This sanctuary will remain saturated with the glory and the presence of The Living God. 

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